Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance:

How to process over half a million insurance documents and finish the job 4 weeks before the deadline


Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance






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8 weeks


insurance documents processed

8 weeks

of development

4 weeks

delivery before deadline


Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company was established in 1893 and is based in Ontario, Canada. The company offers home, farm, automobile, and commercial insurance.

The Challenge

The Client came to us with a defined problem: they wanted to move over 500,000 insurance declarations from an outdated app that was soon to be discontinued.

They have been using a legacy Policy Administration System. Our goal was to recreate all declaration pages and archive them in searchable PDF format.

All documents had to be processed in three months. It was a very short timeframe for over half a million documents (!)

The Solution

We understood that the task had to be done rapidly and with high quality. That’s why we decided to use UiPath, which is known for its flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and speed.

And that was definitely what we needed!

Together with Ayr Farmers Mutual, we agreed on the approach for automation. We went through several agile iterations to ensure the automation was working as intended and then our developers extended the automation to multiple robots and appropriate error correction.

In the course of our work, we wrote one RPA robot which ran on 5 computers. They worked around the clock to download and process the declarations.

The Outcome

Our robots downloaded over 500,000 documents in eight weeks, finishing the task four weeks before the set deadline.

The client had all the downloaded insurance declaration pages before the legacy system became unavailable. The result was a new, searchable database of documents, that can be used by the Client in the future.

What contributed to the success?

Great collaborations like this one require the right approach from both sides. We established solid communication with the Client and collected the information we needed. We had a clear picture of the problem. Continuous interaction between our team and the Client ensured us that we were going in the right direction.

Many thanks to Ayr Farmers Mutual for their trust!


insurance documents processed

8 weeks

of development

4 weeks

delivery before deadline

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