How to automate user allocation to multiple poker rooms on Zoom and help raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts


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RedPeg Marketing is a marketing company providing digital advertising and social media services.

The Challenge

After the COVID-19 pandemic stroke, lots of people got stuck in their homes and many of them have lost their source of income. This period of time has changed our lives drastically.

We met RedPeg Marketing because they were organizing poker tournaments to help raise money for people who struggle with COVID-19.

They organized poker tournaments and mimicked the tables in breakout rooms in zoom at home while raising money for the noble cause.

From an organizational point of view, it was quite a challenge, as the process was manual and required the assistance of a real human being. When a new player signed in, the RedPeg employee had to connect them to Zoom and move to the correct rooms to play.

It was extremely time-consuming and their employees had to be always online to support Zoom rooms.

This created a dire need for automation.

The Solution

We decided to use UiPath because of its easiness, speed, and scalability.

We built two bots:

  • The task of the first bot was to check the table order and create a number table that corresponds to the poker table in zoom.
  • The second bot had to follow the players and move them around as tables condense throughout the tournament.

The purpose of the automation was to mirror the tables in the poker game to breakout tables in Zoom.

So, for example, if there were 8 tables, the robot would make 8 breakout rooms in Zoom with the correct people in them so the people could talk to each other while they were playing.

When the tables got shuffled or reduced to fewer tables the robot would mimic all of this in Zoom as well.

The Outcome

The company had a pretty cumbersome way of managing the platform before our engagement. By implementing bots:

  • We cut the whole process down from 30 minutes to only a couple of minutes
  • The bot worked throughout the whole tournament, letting RedPeg employees focus on more important tasks

Developing the whole automation took us 40 working hours – not a big investment for such an important task!

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Process acceleration


hours of work


RPA bots created

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